The Damn Truth About Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing

There is an over saturation of affiliate marketing programs out on the web today and many so-called internet entrepreneurs who have become millionaires from such affiliate marketing programs. In all of the information I have consumed, I found very little to be helpful. If you are reading this, thinking “just tell me which affiliate marketing programs are going to make me rich” or “how do I get free traffic to increase my affiliate marketing earnings,” you might as well close out of the browser now, and just give up affiliate marketing altogether right now.

There is no secret success tool to get rich quick with affiliate marketing. Instead what I can do is share my own research with you about my trails and tribulations in the affiliate marketing world.

To Have A Blogging Schedule Or Too Not

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In the last 4 hours or so I have been thinking about my site in its entirety and more specifically my blog. Where do I want to take it? What’s the point of writing if nobody reads it? Even as I write this post I am having scatter brain. So I figured I would share my thoughts with the world? Or who ever is reading this, if anyone. Here goes…

Thought 1: Should I have a blogging scheduling?

The more I think about having a blogging scheduling the more I liked the idea of it. I even had specific days planned out, with what type of media I would present. It would look something like this:

Sunday Sketches: I will rename my sketch series to this, as it just makes more sense – I think?¬† Here’s why: Many of my sketches are random and necessarily don’t have to do with UI design, in addition the name “Sunday Sketches” reminded me of being a kid and reading the comics in the Sunday paper, every Sunday Morning when my Dad would come with breakfast.)

Movie Mondays: I would write about the latest movie / TV show I watched the previous week.

Tech Tuesdays: Anything technical – hardware, software, code, etc.

Video Game Wednesdays: Console Games, Mobile Games, Computer games.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – would be left for random posts, future vlog and podcast.

Web UI Designer Radio Resume

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Web Design Radio

Back in April 2009, I was laid off again for I think a second time (stupid “recession”). I guess that’s what you get when you work for small time RI companies. Any how, the local radio station 94 HJY was having this “get your ass back to work special”, where you can you get on the radio tell your story and have your resume posted on their site. Long story short, I applied and they gave me call and I was able to get on the radio. Here’s what folks would here if they were listening in:

My (94 HJY) Web UI Designer Radio Resume

Did I land a job through this form of media? Well almost, when I got on the radio I was interviewing with two companies, one of the companies heard me on the radio, gave me a call back and told me “that just heard me on the radio and it was like sign that I was guy for the job.” A little to late, because I had already accepted the job with the other company. Hope you enjoy listening to my annoying voice!

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