A Fitness Plan for a Lean and Mean Website

A Fitness Plan for a Lean and Mean Website

Digital Marketing


Lean and Mean Website

In this time of moment everything, barely anybody needs to hold up. That is likely the principle reasons why drive-through eateries, texting, one-touch 3D printing and a wide range of innovation and items were concocted and are beneficial today. It’s time to look at a Fitness Plan for a Lean and Mean Website.

The same can be said when surfing the Internet. Late reviews led on Internet propensities demonstrate that clients get disturbed when a page takes over 10 seconds to totally download; past 15 seconds, the greater part leave the web page altogether. That is the manner by which requesting the normal Internet client is.

Some website specialists and engineers would most likely contend that with broadband get to, download time ought to never again be an issue. In any case, what these individuals neglect to specify is that exclusive 3 in 10 clients in America have hello there speed get to. An extraordinary larger part of Internet clients still surfs the Internet through dial-up modems. At speed of about or underneath 50 kbps, pages overwhelming with pointless stuff effortlessly lose the race for the user’s valuable consideration.

So how would you keep your site incline, mean and snappy? Here are a few tips:

1. Utilize incline illustrations.

Illustrations, even in. jpg or. gif shape will, in any case, take a while to stack. In any case, since pictures do upgrade a website’s appearance, it is likely you will locate these vital. In any case, keep the stacking time for the pictures around determining the tallness and width properties of your pictures. That way, the user’s program will have the capacity to outline page’s design while the pictures are being stacked.

In the event that extensive pictures are essential for your substance, use a thumbnail a connection to the greater variant of the photo. This permits the client to pick what pictures he will sit tight for to load and spares him from expecting to sit tight for those photos he’s not keen on.

Another clever trap for snappy stacking pictures is to use programming that cuts up huge realistic records into little pieces that can be assembled back utilizing a table. Programming like PictureDicer (by ShoeString) or Online Image Splitter does precisely that and creates HTML code for a table tag. In any case, make certain to diminish 256-shading pictures to 8-bit hues before handling the photo.

2. Eliminated the glimmer introductions.

They may look decent, yet they take everlastingly to stack. What’s more, if these energized introductions are at the front entryway of your site, you remain to lose a considerable measure of guests (for all intents and purposes half) even before they saw your real site.

Another admonition that accompanies streak introductions is that (starting at now) web indexes can’t file content on blaze organize. So in the event that you plan to exhibit the majority of your imperative data by means of blaze introduction, you remain to lose a considerable measure with regards to hits from web indexes.

3. Keep up a perfect page estimate.

Specialists shift in sentiment on what is the ideal document estimate for a website page. As a central figure, somewhere close to 30 to 50 KB record estimate (counting text styles, representation, HTML and JavaScript etc) ought to do find and load before long.

4. Keep the pages as shallow as could be allowed.

Nobody needs to experience so a few ticks and connections before getting to the page they plan to reach. While making your site’s general association, ensure that each page can be gotten to from any point inside 2 ticks. (3 are alright, however, it’s pushing it.)

That said; attempt to keep every one of your pages no further down than 2 levels profound from the landing page. On the off-chance that the site develops to have such a variety of pages that making further levels is inescapable, consider making a document page where obsolete pages might be kept for reference immediately to the more present substance.

Having a snappy stacking page demonstrate that you esteem your visitors’ time. They will demonstrate their increase by remaining longer to realize what you need to state. It likewise upgrades your company’s image, demonstrating that you can be productive, however considerable.

Focusing on what is imperative and valuable instead of what looks great yet offers little in substance will bring about a site that is brisk and incline, as well as usable also. Also, for your intended interest group, that is the fundamental and most critical key.

Site Usability Tips

Site Usability Tips

UX Design


Here are some super simple website usability tips

Web ease of use as per research was turned out to be the most noteworthy calculate website composition. Truth be told, it is the compelling component that keeps guests coming back to your site.

Generally, the most neglected perspective when planning a site, in any case, in fact, ease of use has control over the web. At the point when your guests can not effortlessly explore your site, odds are, he won’t use your library in the scan for data and simply go to different locales. Take note of that all destinations are only a tick of the mouse away. Countless other online stores that offer an indistinguishable administrations or items from you are swarming the web, making on the web customers more specific and selective while finishing up whether to stay and proceed with their perusing or simply clear out.

The web offers online customers abundant opportunity and different decisions; no one will ever squander their time on an ineffectively developed site. Keeping in mind the end goal to give web-convenience, you should include or think about your prospective customers in outlining it.

Dislike a customary “brick and mortar” store, a considerable measure of online stores or sites don’t allow their guests to вђњwalk throughвђќ inside the webpage as they can in a conventional store set-up. While this may appear an unworkable undertaking to finish, if done effectively, a “user-friendly” way to deal with website composition will effortlessly achieve this errand.

At the point when internet shopping, all things must be found where guests anticipate that they will be at. The act of flooding a customer with bounteous thing decisions all in the meantime and making them scan for specific things that they need is without a doubt not the idea of web convenience.

Your guests must be contemplated all through your arranging and outlining process. Remember that web ease of use should never be considered after the development of a site.

Settling and afterward testing your site simply after development is futile and won’t yield acceptable outcomes. Your best approach has consolidated an imitation of “unavoidable ease of use” unto your website composition and development handle.

As indicated by studies, here are beat 12 reasons why guests need to backpedal to your site:

Easy route 74%

Quick download time 65%

Frequently upgraded data 58%

Content quality 57%

Content amount 30%

Content association 40%

Prompt client benefit 40%

Website seek devices 25%

Layout of landing page 20%

Enjoyment 19%

Website appearance 18%

Inclusion of enlivened representation 9%

Basing from these reasons, here is ease of useful tips to help you outline your site:

1. Gotten comfortable with your guests in view of their inclinations. You require a site with identity and in addition content quality that obliges your visitor’s taste; you ought to comprehend and perceive their shading decisions, specialized abilities, and so on.

2. Make evident and straightforward interface. The more clear and conspicuous the web interface is, then your guests never need to experience dissatisfaction in think about how your webpage truly functions, and rather on focusing on the interface, they ought to focus on your site’s content.

3. Site meaningfulness. Make “easy to read” section, not utilizing little content or text dimension.

4. Speedy stacking. You require a quick downloadable page as guests hate to hold up.

5. Keep away from the shrouded route, as your guests need to know where and what to click to go somewhere.

6. Get guest criticisms so you will comprehend what is working and what does not. Gain from your prospects.

7. Research on-site guest execution. Decide to what extent it takes to play out a specific assignment? It ought not to take too long, the speedier the better. If not, take a shot at your client association so to enhance execution.

8. Give a help area. In the event that your site guest makes a specific misstep, then they really will welcome it on the off chance that you give approaches to help them. “404 page” is incredible for coordinating “spiders” to creep unto your site page.

Testing for ease of use

Testing for ease of use is not entangled and exceptionally economical to do. The most straightforward answer is to outline a basic succession of endeavors for web clients to complete trials.

Welcome individuals or companions to your working environment, then demand them to explore your site, watching and watching while they surf. Try not to hold up when your site is done before you test it; test it now.

The work can be straightforward like discovering a product’s data or discovering how a specific firm can be reached or one can arrange an item and discover shipping strategies data.

In the wake of testing, settle any issue and test it once more. Keep testing and refining web ease of use of your site until such time that there are no issues found, that the experience is effective and wonderful.

Keep in mind that site ease of use is worried to not quite recently the presence of a site, but rather more significantly how your site performs and especially, it gives accentuation on the experience of your guests.


Site Usability through Navigation Design

UX Design


Exploring ease of use

Exploring through a site ought to be straightforward and proficient. The route is one of the key determinants of a website’s ease of use. Ease of use alludes to the convenience and learning concerning sites. It can allude to the adequacy and briskness of the route structure of the site to have the capacity to exhibit relevant data to the surfers.

The Issue of Usability

Ease of use is considered to be imperative regarding web improvement today. Sites are made with the aim of making the devices for individuals in doing their day by day errands. Creating complex sites which don’t help individuals in viable doing their undertakings would have neither rhyme nor reason.

Individuals with handicaps are keeping on developing in number. In the United States alone, one-fifth of the populace is irritated by some sort of incapacity. This is the principle motivation behind why many individuals are equipping towards making sites more usable. The Internet has turned into a principal instrument for these individuals to have the capacity to experience their lives.

The ease of use of a site is reliant on a few unique elements, for example, availability, content quality and coherence and general introduction, notwithstanding, many web designers would state that the convenience of a site is about the route. This article tries to set out some essential tips which ought to manage a designer on the best way to make a site more usable through the change of its navigational structure.

Here are a few tips on the best way to make a website’s route more easy to use:

Avoidance of unessential connections

One of the principal errors of web engineers in building sites is that they add more disarray to the guest instead of killing it. This is the consequence of putting a lot of connections that are not by any means required by the guests.

Having excessively numerous connections to alternate parts of the site is plainly a sign that the navigational structure of the site is not taking care of business. Let’s look at a speculative site in order to give us an approach to talking about the distinctive things to dodge and do in planning a website’s route structure. Let’s say that we are building an open closeout site (one like E-narrows).

On the off chance that a surfer would need to purchase PC adornments, the site ought not to contain immaterial connections to different parts of the site, for example, putting an immediate connection towards the area on purchasing garments. In the event that the said individual is keen on purchasing garments after he has looked for the PC frill that he needs, he will discover his way to the garments area. Putting these sorts of connections will chafe a greater number of individuals than fulfilling more individuals. It’s like putting an area of PC frill and a segment of attire ideal next to each other in a retail chain it has neither rhyme nor reason.

Standardize symbols

A review has uncovered that 39% of customers didn’t seek after in purchasing certain things from the Internet since they observed the destinations to be too difficult to explore. This implied a great deal of misfortune for the organizations, however, this can be maintained a strategic distance from.

One of the approaches to enhance route is to utilize institutionalized symbols for connecting pages. Symbols were made to have the capacity to speak to something that is identified with it. The utilization of irregular symbols will mean the disarray with respect to the route. Additionally, designers shouldn’t over-clarify the symbol since symbols are there to have the capacity to give non-content data about the connection. A short clarification ought to be given, however, it ought to be kept brief and succinct.


The arrangement of a sitemap will help individuals to successfully explore the site. A sitemap gives a skeleton structure of the site in a solitary page. Every one of the connections and substance is shown in a sitemap along these lines making the route a much less demanding procedure.


Breadcrumb joins give linkage to the significant pages of a site. These are especially valuable for individuals since they give simple access to the significant pages.

Avoid covering data

Exploring through a site require not be an adventure through a sea. A straightforward general guideline is that all the site pages in the site ought to be available from each other not more than 3 ticks away.

These are recently a portion of the routes on the most proficient method to enhance the convenience of a site through the change of route. These means ought to be done as an inseparable unit with alternate methods for enhancing a websiteвђ™s convenience.

Bitcoin Digital Currency – How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Digital Currency – How Does It Work?


Casascius physical bitcoins

For a couple of months now those wishing to buy Casascius physical bitcoins utilizing a Mastercard or PayPal have been served on account of the online merchant Memory Dealers. The administrator of Memory Dealers, Roger Ver (@RogerVer) declared however that PayPal is once more during the time spent putting a stop to the utilization of PayPal for buying bitcoins.

Memory Dealers will keep offering bitcoins until PayPal makes a move, evidently. This implies those wishing to purchase have only a brief time to get their requests in. Casascius items accessible through Memory Dealers incorporate the 1.0 BTC Casascius physical bitcoin (both v1 and v2), the 10.0 BTC Casascius silver bitcoin (1 Troy Ounce .999 Silver Round), and more expensive offerings too.

Casascius additionally offers the greater part of the coins straightforwardly however when obtaining from their site bitcoins themselves are the main strategy for installment permitted.

Computerized money

Despite the fact that bitcoin is a computerized money typically expected for online utilize, bitcoins can be made to have a physical frame also, however, every usage has focal points and hindrances. BitBills were the main physical bitcoin presented in mid-2011 and months after the fact Casascius presented their physical coins. PrintCoins.com have additionally been offering a paper-based physical bitcoin item too. Each of the three strategies utilizes a 3D image to keep ensure the private key, however, the client must trust that the backer is straightforward and has a safe technique for assembling.

Bitcoins are anything but difficult to utilize, and now you can get them in less than an hour. Just dispatch out a money store arrange, give the drive to any branch of one of the huge banks and store money with the record points of interest to you.

At that point bitcoins, touch base in your email inbox and you can do whatever you need with them.

– No financial balance required
– No trade account required
– No bitcoin account required

Bitcoin is worldwide.

Bitcoins can be exchanged to and from anyplace with the web like email. There are shared hubs that support the bitcoin framework the whole way across the world. When somebody sends bitcoins, they are obvious to the receiver right away and can be spent inside around 15 minutes.

Understanding typefaces on the web

Understanding typefaces on the web

UX Design

Text styles for the web

Do you work a site, convey electronic pamphlets or email battles? Have you ever explored different avenues regarding the diverse textual styles (typefaces) accessible? In the event that you have, you most likely found there are various textual styles accessible on your PC at times 100-200 or more. How then do you choose which text style to utilize?

This article will give you a concise review of picking text styles for the web so that the following electronic bit of data you send accomplishes the fancied impact.

Where Do the Font We Start?

To start with, despite the fact that there are a large number of textual styles accessible to us, every PC generally just has a hundred or so introduced for utilize. Distinctive working frameworks and different documents or projects you get can introduce different textual styles on your PC and add to that number. Those textual styles are normally good crosswise over projects, which means you will have the capacity to utilize the greater part of your framework textual styles in any program. Let’s say your PC came pre-introduced with 150 text styles. At that point, you purchased a typical programming program that adds 50 more textual styles to your PC. You now have 200 text styles you will have the capacity to use in any program that is intended to permit textual style choice.

Isn’t that extraordinary? You in a split second have more textual styles to look over. In the event that you’re working in print materials or representation, then you really do have the flexibility to pick whatever textual styles you need. In any case, in the event that you are not printing the last form but rather conveying your material by means of the web, regardless of whether it be on a site, by email, or some other sort of electronic media, you don’t really have as much flexibility as you may think. There are a few elements to mull over that could impact your decision, including observation, ease of use and accessibility.


The typeface that you select requirements to precisely mirror the mindset of your message. Do you need the tone passed on to your peruser to be formal or casual, benevolent or genuine, proficient or perky? In the event that the message is an expert and formal nature, then your text style ought to precisely depict that. Be that as it may, if the message is a gathering of companions welcoming them to a gathering, you can have some good times and adopt a more casual strategy with your textual styles. Continuously consider the group of onlookers for which the piece is expected, and afterward, pick a text style that accomplishes the observation you fancy.


After you have set up the target group for your message, ensure they can really read it! Numerous text styles are difficult to peruse just on the grounds that they are so little in size (like 8 points or 10 points). Cursive and italic textual styles can be no picnic for the eyes and are unequivocally disheartened for the motivations behind principle collections of content. Italics ought to just be utilized for accentuation or as graphical components. You additionally don’t need your textual style too huge, as this can make it troublesome for the eyes to check for an expansive assortment of content. There are numerous textual styles accessible proposed particularly for headings and logo message that would be improper for the primary body of a message. To expand ease of use, make a point to pick a text style that is clear and simple on the eyes.


This is the most not entirely obvious part of textual style determination and can bring about totally sudden outcomes. To safeguard the beneficiary sees a similar message style you made, the textual styles you utilize must be accessible on their PC. When you make a site, for instance, the HTML code will call the text style that should be shown. This tells your program what text style it ought to show on that specific page. Despite the fact that you may have 200 text styles introduced on your PC and you see your textual styles okay, that doesn’t imply that the individual on the flip side review your site has precisely the same as you. For a situation where he doesn’t, his program will substitute an alternate textual style of its own picking, which could totally change their view of your planned message. In any event, they may think you were messy in assembling your material. Email programs, and electronic pamphlets, all work a similar way. So main concern, you have to utilize textual styles that you are certain your whole web group of onlookers will have access on their PC. We call these “Web-Safe” textual styles.

With a huge number of textual styles out there, you’re presumably considering, no major ordeal, there are still a lot of choices. All things considered, I would rather not be the unwanted messenger, however, there are just 9. Yes, you read that effectively, there are just NINE web-safe text styles that you can be guaranteed are on each and every PC out there! Those text styles are Arial, Arial Black, Courier New, Comic Sans, Georgia, Impact, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, and Verdana. Let’s take a few minutes to comprehend the distinctions in these textual styles.

There are two fundamental sorts of text styles; serif or sans serif. Serif by definition has a barely recognizable difference completing off the primary strokes of a letter, or letters may end with an adjusted tip. So on account of sans serif, it would be without those scarce differences. The most widely recognized serif text style is Times New Roman and the most well-known sans serif textual style is Arial, both of which are web-safe text styles. Of the nine web-safe textual styles there are just 3 serif textual styles; Courier New, Georgia and Times New Roman. Serif textual styles in little content sizes can be difficult to peruse, in this manner alert ought to be utilized while selecting those for little print.


Arial was presented as the default typeface for Windows 3.1 when it was discharged by Microsoft in the mid-1990s. It is not hard to peruse unless utilized as a part of little sizes, and it is the most well known sans serif text style today. It is however very plain, and individuals have a tendency to get exhausted of Arial in light of the fact that they see it all over. Be that as it may, since it’s so broadly accessible, simple to peruse, and the default for Microsoft items, it is an incredible textual style to use for principle content zones of your promoting materials, pamphlets, sites, and so on.

Arial Black

Arial Black is one of the numerous variants of Arial, discharged with Internet Explorer 3. It is a bolder textual style than Arial and is extraordinary for headings and short segments of content that require accentuation.

Messenger New

Messenger New, a serif text style, was fundamentally a textual style utilized as a part of old typewriters. Not regularly utilized as fundamental collections of content, it is still used to show code in reports or when the essayist needs the out-dated look in their archive.

Comic Sans

Comic Sans began shipping with Windows 95 as a preinstalled textual style. Intended to look like comic book lettering, the textual style was made for the casual duplicate. Viewed today as amateurish, this sans serif text style is not prescribed for materials of an expert sort. Comic Sans turned into a more famous textual style when it began being utilized as the content inside the labels on Beanie Babies!


Georgia, a serif text style, was made by Microsoft in 1993 to give a perfect textual style to use on the web that would show well even in little sizes. Georgia textual style letters are taller than most other web-safe text styles, making them simpler to peruse when utilized as a part of littler sizes. Georgia is an extraordinary option when you’re tired of conventional Times New Roman, yet at the same time need a serif textual style.


Affect is an exceptionally striking sans serif text style. By its name, it was intended to affect the per-user and is in this way prescribed just for headings, little pieces of content, zones on the page that you need to snatch the perusers eye. On account of its thick piece style, Impact looks best when there is a lot of space around it else it looks messed.


Tahoma, a nearby cousin of Verdana, was outlined in 1999 for Microsoft. It is so like Verdana that numerous don’t see the distinction in the text styles. For the most part, Tahoma keeps its lettering more tightly with the goal that content does not spread out the extent that Verdana does. Tahoma is an extraordinary textual style choice for those requiring a sans serif textual style however who are getting exhausted of Arial.

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is the most broadly utilized serif textual style, created in 1931 for use by The Times daily paper in London. It has remained an extremely prevalent textual style for setting sort in books, magazines, daily papers, and so forth. The U. S. State Department has been utilizing Times New Roman 14 point on every single conciliatory report since 1994, supplanting their old text style of decision Courier New 12 point.


The trebuchet was composed in 1996 for Microsoft and is a mainstream sans serif textual style for those exhausted with the plain appearance of Arial. Having an unmistakable style all it’s possess, Trebuchet is anything but difficult to peruse for huge or little sort and functions admirably for primary assortments of content. Because of its novel styling, however, it can be viewed as a female textual style and if your gathering of people is all men they may not relate well to that textual style.


Verdana, intended for Microsoft in 1996 is presumably the most simple to peruse web-safe sans serif textual style accessible. With its taller lettering, and all the more equitably dispersed letters it can be effortlessly perused in bigger sizes and in addition little sizes. It extends the width of content on a page, so it’s extraordinary for a filling plan that has a ton of space with a little measure of duplicate.

What Font do YOU Want?

Since you comprehend the contrasts between the 9 web-safe textual styles, which one will you decide for your web correspondences? On the off chance that you’re searching for a serif text style, then Georgia is our suggestion. It is the clearest serif text style on the web since it was intended for quite recently that reason. In the event that you are searching for a sans serif text style, Verdana is the clearest on-screen textual style for intelligibility and is our main suggestion, with great old Arial pulling up a nearby second.

Start Blogging with WordPress!

Start Blogging with WordPress!


After attending the WordCamp US 2016 in Philly, I felt the motivation to write this post.

Blogging with WordPress

WordPress is one of the many options available to bloggers who are looking for free software online which makes it incredibly easy to publish their own blog. This software is easy to use, provides a variety of templates and offer excellent support to bloggers. There are many options available to bloggers and other blogging programs may be better known and offer slightly different features but many bloggers are quite pleased with WordPress. This article will offer some useful information for bloggers who are considering starting a blog with WordPress such as reasons to choose WordPress, tips on starting a blog and information about the support offered by WordPress. Based on this information as well as their own research bloggers can decide whether WordPress is right for them or whether they should seek out a different blog network.

Reasons to Choose WordPress

There are many great reasons to choose WordPress to start a blog. Some of these reasons include a great variety of templates, the ability to categorize and tag posts easily, features such as spell check, previews and autosave, the ability to post text, audio files and video files, a variety of privacy options and the ability to track statistical data related to the blog in addition to other great features. Some of these features may be more important to some bloggers than others so deciding whether or not WordPress is right for you will largely be a matter of personal preference. For example bloggers with little or no programming experience may enjoy the myriad of templates available on WordPress while bloggers who are concerned about privacy issues may be more interested in the privacy options available through WordPress. Carefully investigating these features will help bloggers determine if they should start a blog with WordPress.

Starting a Blog with WordPress

Bloggers who opt to start a blog with WordPress will certainly not be disappointed by the amount of time it takes to start a blog. A blogger can literally start a blog with WordPress within minutes. This is tremendously important to bloggers who are eager to get started and do not want to deal with a long process to start a blog. The only requirements for starting a blog are a valid email address and a username. The blogger enters this information into the signup page and receives a password almost instantly. Next, the blogger simply has to check his email, follow the activation link provided and use the password provided and the process is complete. The blogger can start blogging immediately.

Support Offered by WordPress

For many first time bloggers, the type of support offered is very important. This is because first-time bloggers may have quite a few questions about the process of starting a basic blog and once they establish a basic blog they may have additional questions about using advanced features and customizing the blog. WordPress offers a great deal of support for bloggers of all skill levels. The support offered by Word press includes the ability to contact the support staff as well as the ability to receive support from other members through online forums. Although the support staff is incredibly responsive some bloggers enjoy the ability to communicate with other bloggers in forums. This is because the forums are active 24 hours a day and bloggers can find support from peers at any time.

Understanding PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

Understanding PHP


Server-side scripting language

If you have spent the better part of the last few years on the Internet, you may have already chanced upon the term PHP. You may have even encountered the definition: “a server-side scripting language”. But what exactly does it mean? And more importantly, what use can it be to you as an aspiring Web developer or Web designer?

Going back to the definition for a little while, PHP is indeed a server-side scripting language that is typically used in the creation of dynamic Web pages. It is a relatively easy to learn a programming language that enables you to feature more dynamic content on your websites.

PHP is different from other types of programming languages in that it is designed to work in conjunction with HTML. This compatibility is a distinct advantage of PHP and allows you to easily integrate it into web pages that have already been extensively rendered with HTML. This integration is in fact so seamless that you can quite readily switch between the two languages even within the same web document.


How thing works is basically like this: websites are typically designed with a combination of PHP and HTML in varying proportions depending on the designer’s intended purpose. When a visitor points his browser to the web page in question, the server will “read” and subsequently process the PHP instructions and later send the results of the process to the browser of the visitor. This is pretty much similar to how other languages such as ASP or ColdFusion work. The main difference, however, is that PHP, unlike the aforementioned ASP or ColdFusion, PHP is both an Open Source and a cross-platform application. What this means is that PHP can be run on the Windows platform as well as many versions of the UNIX platform. In addition, PHP can be designed to function as an Apache module and even as a binary that can be run as a CGI.

PHP by its very nature is exceptionally light and fast to run but when designed to run as an Apache module it is even more so. The absence of any process creation overhead allows PHP to return results quickly compared with other programming languages plus it has the added benefit of not requiring the tuning of mod_perl in order to limit your server’s memory image to a manageably small size.

Beyond its usage as a means to control and alter the contents of your web pages, PHP can also serve to function as an HTTP header sender. It is typically used in this function to set cookies in web browsers, manage the site authentication processes, and to redirect users to other sites. PHP also works well with other programs and applications, enabling unparalleled connectivity with many different databases as well as ODBC, as well as offering seamless integration with many different external libraries; libraries that allow you to accomplish tasks such as publishing PDF documents and even parsing XML.

The way PHP fits within your web pages is extremely elegant in its simplicity; so simple in fact you will not need a special development environment or IDE at all. You merely have to place an at the end. PHP can also be configured to utilize ASP type tags as well as .). The PHP engine is charged with the task of processing everything that is contained within those tags.

If you have had an extensive or even only a little background in programming languages, you may have already noticed that PHP has a lot in common with the languages C and Perl, especially in its language syntax. Just like in C and Perl, you do not have to declare variables prior to you using them, and it is also quite easy to create arrays and hashes (associative arrays).

So much for its characteristics; now how can you use PHP?

One of the most often mentioned and widely used applications of PHP is for server-side scripting. This has traditionally been the area in which PHP has been focused. The three components of PHP in this particular application are a PHP parser (which can take the form of a CGI or server module), a web browser and a web server. The web server is run with a PHP installation connected and the program output of the PHP program is accessed with a web browser. The PHP page can then be viewed through the web server.

Command line scripting is another area where PHP is utilized and for this application, you only need a PHP parser. Typical uses include rudimentary text processing and running scripts such as Cron or Task Scheduler.

Finally, although not the ideal solution for this particular scenario, PHP is also used in writing desktop applications that feature a graphical user interface.

Clearly, the uses for PHP are both varied and endless and you should explore it in depth to find out how it can be of service to you.

An Ethical Hacker

An Ethical Hacker?


Does the ethical hacker exist?

If an online company is large enough they might consider the services of a white hat hacker. Typically when you hear the word ‘hacker’ it conjures up someone who, with ill intent, searches for ways to mine your company data and destroy or replace data. However, a white hat hacker is someone who could use their abilities to harm your business, but they make the choice to help uncover security failings in your system and then assist in finding ways to protect your company from other hackers.

The reason this approach is helpful to many companies is that if they can revamp their online store to close the backdoor entrance to would be hackers then their company data can be safeguarded. Customers often experience an even greater level of trust and security in the online store resulting in improved performance in online sales and up-time.

Proper precautions for hackers

Maybe this explains why so many of the larger online businesses seem to have less downtime and experience fewer problems. Most hackers know they will have a harder time getting into these systems than smaller companies that may not have the resources to investigate every possible security leak.

That being said, it is important for any online business to make sure they take proper precautions by installing anti-virus protection, spyware removal tools, and firewall protection. This should not even be a debated position. Your customers deserve the safety that only you can provide through appropriate protective measures.

Hacker Targets

Hackers don’t always target a specific site so much as they work to create software that looks to find an entrance to your online store data and then they investigate what can be found on those sites they can infiltrate. Some hackers have said they mean no harm; they simply are curious and have found new ways of finding out information. Too often this is information they should not have access to.

The truth is some hackers consider what they do as a means of making the online environment safer for individuals and businesses. If they can disable an online store or take over a website they figure this proves what they have been saying all along – sites are not as safe online as some think. To their credit what hackers have learned has often resulted in a better way to secure websites in general, but the other, and even more important side to this security coin is that online business must remain vigilant in the safeguard of their company data.

This whole process is a bit like the progression from small town America where everyone left their doors unlocked because it just wasn’t polite to take something that didn’t belong to you to the point where alarms are tripped if someone tries to enter your home after you set the alarm. Things have changed in an online sales environment and applying strong security measures to your site is not only in your best interest but also the interest of your customers who place their trust in your ability to safeguard their data.

Tips On How To Pick A Web Hosting Company

Tips On How To Pick A Web Hosting Company


How to get a web hosting company

As any good web developer knows, a web developer is always worried about creating the best website that they can.  They work very hard with the client to decide exactly how they want their site to look, to function, and also how to make it run the most efficiently.  These are all things that people need to think about when they are creating a website, but sometimes we forget one of the most important things, how are we going to get our site on the internet?

No matter how great the website you create is, it is meaningless if you do not get it out on the internet.  So if you are going to get our website on the internet, then you can either host it on a web server yourself or get a web hosting company to host it for you.  If you are a large company that has an IT staff to set up the infrastructure to host a website, then this is probably the best idea, because you have more control over the things that happen.

However, most people that create websites do not have the money or the time to set up such an infrastructure.  These people will have to get a web hosting company to host their website.

Here are a few things to consider when you try to pick a web hosting company that is right for you:

Space – Some web hosting companies offer more space than others.  If you are going to create a large website, or you are looking to expand a lot in the near future, then the amount of space offered is very important.

Email Addresses – If your website is going to give away email addresses, or you need extra email addresses for your users, then a number of free email addresses that you are given might be very important.

Database Access – Some web hosting companies offer the ability to use a MySQL or SQL Server database to store information or authenticate against.  This can be a very important fact to help make your website more secure, or more dynamic.

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Common CSS Mistakes

Common CSS Mistakes



Common Cascading Stylesheet Mistakes

Cascading Stylesheet or CSS is one of the most used and convenient ways of coding the markup languages. Most of the websites are built on an HTML platform and hence it is important for us that the CSS is also correctly applied so that the information that the website wants to transmit to its viewers is correct. But, designers often commit fundamental mistakes that can make things go terribly wrong for a website.

Zero pixels

You don’t waste bytes by adding units such as px, pt, em, etc when the value is zero. The only reason to do so is when you want to change the value quickly, later on, otherwise declaring the unit is meaningless. Zero pixels is the same as zero points. In order to get the accurate choice of the color, you must specify the hex code rather than writing the color in plain English. Never forget to add hash “#” at the start of the code so that it can be parsed correctly. Otherwise, you will have to remember to add another hash to prevent errors.

Unless you are likely to be changing your code much, avoid using several lines when only one line can serve your purpose. For example, when setting borders, some people set each side separately when each border is the same. So condensing the code is required here. It is okay to style the same element twice if it means avoiding the repetition mentioned in the point above. For example, let’s say you have an element where only the left border is different. Instead of writing out each border using four lines, just use two.

Space in code

But sometimes designers like to waste a lot of space in their code, by using plenty of unnecessary line-breaks or spaces before and after the code. It’ll only make the stylesheet bigger, meaning it’ll cost you more in the long run, as your bandwidth usage will be higher. Of course, it’s wise to leave some space in to keep it readable, though some people like to condense everything, leaving no space at all.

Designers must be careful about some common mistakes so that they can design the web pages in a proper manner and convey the message to its reader correctly.