Google Hates Me

Google Hates Me

Oh Google, it’s a love/hate relationship with you. Just as I begin to enjoy all you have to offer (Gmail, YouTube, Google+), you go and screw things up by revoking my Google AdSense account for “invalid click activity.” Really? And how did you come up with that? Seeing that my website, is less then a few months old, and has less then 300 visits a month.

For those of you reading this and don’t know about Google AdSense and affiliate marketing in general, let me give you a basic understanding why I use affiliate marketing as well as some other bloggers/internet entrepreneurs. In a nut shell, $MONEY$ – that’s right when you sign up for affiliate marketing programs like Google AdSense, you earn revenue from the advertisements that you place on your website, mobile application, or even video blog (vlog).  There are many real and fake success stories on affiliate marketing, it’s sometimes difficult to tell them apart but from the stories I have read on affiliate marketing some folks are very successful and make it their only source of income, as were other folks just get enough to buy a cup of coffee (feel free to buy me one).

I use affiliate marketing as a small influence to keep blogging and producing my own original online media for peeps to enjoy on the web. It’s difficult to keep producing original content with no reward for doing so and everyone free-loading on your knowledge and enjoying the free entertainment you produce.

Going back to what I written earlier – I recently signed up for a brand new Google AdSense account to show ads on my fairly new blog. Just a few days later, Google revokes my access to AdSense for some lame “invalid click activity.” Now I will admit I have in the past ran some websites where the content being produced was not original but rather Private Label Articles I had purchased through a third party publisher. I don’t recommend doing this especially with the new Panda updates because your website will not rank well and will defiantly not show up on the top of search engines organically.

Immediately I ran some research on this “invalid click activity” nonsense (when I saw research, I really mean “Googled It”) (Sidebar thought – another possible blog title “Google Adsense is Nonsense”) and found that other folks, just starting their internet careers ran into the same problem.

So what is a blogger/vlogger/internet entrepreneur suppose to do? GET EVEN! – To find out my solution to this dilemma, read my this blog post: “The Damn Truth About Affiliate Marketing.”

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    I am always thought about this, thanks for posting.

  • Google adsense is a monopolistic website owner’s wet dream.