Hanna Instruments

From global manufacturer to global SEO

Hanna Instruments is a global manufacturer of quality analytical instrumentation. It was founded in 1978 in Padova, Italy. Hanna Instruments has a network of over 40 subsidiaries in 32 countries around the world.Hanna Instruments is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and has manufacturing sites in Mauritius, Singapore, Hungary, and Romania.


Webpage Layout

My responsibility at Hanna Instruments was designing webpage layout and updating websites to brand standards utilzing tools like WordPress and Adobe Photoshop. I also assisted with content management and editing video for product marketing. In addition, created animation and multimedia design using Adobe Creative Cloud.



Revamped look and feel

“As a webmaster at Hanna Instruments, Jay totally revamped the look and feel of the USA website. His creative talent made a huge impact on our company’s branding, not only online but through email communications. His knowledge of content management websites and coding helped us create and launch several micro-sites which helped drive traffic to the corporate site. He was a key player in helping to brainstorm and implement SEO strategy that increased our traffic immensely. In addition, Jay was a great team player. He eagerly participated with other members of the marketing team, sharing ideas and expertise. He was always ready to jump in anywhere we needed help. In fact, after his departure, he even put in some freelance hours in to help in the transition of getting a replacement.”
– Director of Marketing