Find Alternatives To Expensive Software

Alternatives to Software

You are a new company, a start-up,  or a freelancer and you’re on a budget. You’ve just splurged 0n a laptop of the dreams and now you need to purchase some new software to get the work done that pays for your bills. But wait, you look at your checking account and you’re running low on cash and the next time you get a paycheck is not until next month. Now what?

It’s called, its a place where you can discover free open-source alternative software to mainstream corporate greedy software. I discovered the site on accident (I guess) when I was running Google search for alternative software I use at work, but necessarily can’t afford, or don’t want to spend a costly amount it. The other great thing about this site, is provides screenshots and user feedback from the community, so you can truly find the right software you are looking for, so you don’t spend endless hours downloading, installing and uninstalling software.

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