To Have A Blogging Schedule Or Too Not

Digital Marketing


In the last 4 hours or so I have been thinking about my site in its entirety and more specifically my blog. Where do I want to take it? What’s the point of writing if nobody reads it? Even as I write this post I am having scatter brain. So I figured I would share my thoughts with the world? Or who ever is reading this, if anyone. Here goes…

Thought 1: Should I have a blogging scheduling?

The more I think about having a blogging scheduling the more I liked the idea of it. I even had specific days planned out, with what type of media I would present. It would look something like this:

Sunday Sketches: I will rename my sketch series to this, as it just makes more sense – I think?¬† Here’s why: Many of my sketches are random and necessarily don’t have to do with UI design, in addition the name “Sunday Sketches” reminded me of being a kid and reading the comics in the Sunday paper, every Sunday Morning when my Dad would come with breakfast.)

Movie Mondays: I would write about the latest movie / TV show I watched the previous week.

Tech Tuesdays: Anything technical – hardware, software, code, etc.

Video Game Wednesdays: Console Games, Mobile Games, Computer games.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – would be left for random posts, future vlog and podcast.