UX Design Trends 2021

UX Design Trends 2021

UX Design

UX design is a field that changes rapidly over time. The designers need to keep themselves updated about the latest trends they should follow in designing the products. After doing research, I have organized a list of UX trends that designers need to take care of in 2021 to bring intuitive products to the market.

1. Video interactions

The pandemic has changed the way we interact and communicate in a direction that was never done before. The video conferencing tools are getting popular among users and everyone feels it is a safe and convenient option to do their tasks.

The education sector is focusing more towards effective online teaching methods, corporate organizations are switching their jobs to remote positions, telemedicine industry is providing people facility to contact their doctors through video calls, online shopping has become the next future. People have realized that everything is possible and even safer and faster through video interactions.


2. Advanced personalization

Personalization is a way to design and present the customized content to a user as per their information that apps and sites collected using their personal details, navigation history, order history, etc.

The purpose of personalization is to give the user a feeling of familiarity and self-worth when he visits an app or a website. The organizations are working hard in collecting the required data, analyzing it correctly, and providing the user only the information that he wants to see.




3. Useful visualization

Presenting complex data into a format that is easy to understand for users has always been a challenge for designers.  Beautiful and useful visualization designs are always trending for websites and apps. To make them more attractive and understandable, it is required to provide meaningful interactions so that users can explore them and reach towards the desired decisions.

The pandemic has given more popularity to data visualizations as people trust the representations to know about the real situation and make decisions accordingly.


4. Voice UI

We have seen that popular companies like Apple, Android and Google have already implemented the voice-based search to move towards touchless interfaces. The trend is getting popular and UX designers should start thinking to provide an addition of voice-based interactions in their products as this is still a unique feature to attract users.

Due to the pandemic situation in 2020, touchless interfaces are considered as a safe option to communicate with the world using different devices and voice UI is the one towards which designers are moving fast.


5. Augmented reality apps

The work on Augmented Reality (AR) technology has started for many years, however, it spreads quickly when Apple with ARKit 4, Google with ARCore, and Facebook with  Oculus VR has introduced ways to develop amazing AR apps for users.

Nowadays AR has impacted many industries including education, healthcare, travel, entertainment, food, automotive, retail and many others. Based on a report there will be approximately 57.1 million VR users in the United States only during 2021. With the help of AR technology, companies can perform all collaboration and communication easily using virtual conferences.


6. UX Writing and Microcopy

UX writing and microcopy help brands and companies to use a style of writing and messaging that are best suitable to their users. The companies do specific hiring just to make a tone and language that helps to create a good relationship with users.

In 2021, the trend of using a tone that is closer to human natural understanding will be at its peak. The goal is to achieve a user-friendly writing service for your website or app instead of technical and formal languages. This communication style is referred to as a human-centered language that prefers to stick with more casual language.




The year 2021 seems to be an era of great innovation and exciting products. The UX designers should take advantage of the latest trends to design experiences and this is the need of the hour. Learn new skills and knowledge to develop interfaces for the upcoming technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality and voice interfaces.

Users’ expectations change rapidly and keeping yourself updated to the latest trends is the only way to succeed. Remember, the end goal remains the same, to make a product that is easy to use and helps users to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.

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