Design + technology

I am a design technologist who specializes in digital strategy, user interface design, user experiences and programming languages like HTML, CSS and content management systems like WordPress. I enjoy working on projects that involve a blend of digital strategy, design, and development. I like thinking about how the digital experience can transform a client’s business proposition and what role that experience should play for the brand.

Why a design technologist?

“Whenever somebody asks what I do, I tell them… (answer could change based on the person asking)” — I love this article written by @jerrylowm, it wonderfully depicts how I feel about the industry of design and technology. Once upon a time, I stumbled across the term design technologist from @adpativepath, and so that stuck for now. With that said here is what I know:  leveraging digital information products like PDFs, e-books, podcasts, videos, sites, web and mobile apps can have huge advantages to a business. Digital products have advantages of driving customer experience (#CX) to be a competitive differentiator. Like all products, they need to be manufactured, inventoried and designed. That’s where I come in. To achieve the best results I focus efforts on finding digital products that can promote higher quality and value in a professional package.

As a design technologist, I help establish the product vision and impact customer experience at every stage. I will work collaboratively with designers, researchers, product managers, developers, content strategists, users, and executives — iterating on concepts that start and end with the customer. I enjoy leading the design, implement, and refine prototypes for a multitude of unique and different user interfaces, inspiring action around the results.

If you’re more visual, this website itself serves as a better demo of my passion. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my portfolio and if more technical and need the manual to my work, download my resume.